Wednesday, June 27, 2007

South Dakota Museum of Geology

Dinosaur Skeleton
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This was one of those terrific little free museums that makes you want to buy a fair share of educational materials in their very nice gift shop to support their work (prices at the gift shop were quite reasonable). What more could a homeschool family ask for?

I had no idea what to expect from this once (located on the campus of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology - in Rapid City) except that I had heard from several sources that it was quite good.

Several dinosaur skeletons; lots of fossils, rocks, minerals, etc. nicely displayed; a dark room for checking out phosphorescent materials - lots of great stuff to make the field interesting even down the youngest member of our clan.

It's an easy stop for an hour or so while you're in town to see Mt. Rushmore.

More photos here

I'm very grateful that we had such a science-and-nature-filled vacation since that is one of the weaker educational areas for our family.

The kids have something to say about this place too:

Terri: "I really liked how some of the rocks glowed in the dark. There were a few dinosaurs that looked really huge."

Bernie: "I really liked the rocks. I bought a rock that's called 'fool's gold'. It's shiny and pretty."

Kate: "I liked the little dinosaurs (they were really cute - especially the newborn baby one). I liked the rocks that glow in the dark." [editorial note: Kate and Frank spent a good deal of the time at the museum, lying on their bellies, ooing and awing over the toy dinosaurs in the gift shop - one of the many joys of a small museum!]

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