Monday, May 28, 2007

Hand-cranked Ice Cream

Originally uploaded by Chez VH
Thanks to an article in the mostly-twaddly National Geographic Kids magazine, my kids got interested in making ice cream last year. They made it in a double ziplock bag (ice and salt in the bigger bag) with just milk, sugar and vanilla and thoroughly enjoyed the process and the results!

Because of this, a real (but used) hand-crank ice cream maker arrived at our house just in time for Christmas last year. It wasn't in the best of shape. The little metal piece that the inside bucket spins upon was rusted beyond belief (and all usefulness) and was out-of-stock at the one online shop we found that sold the parts.

Finally, last week, the needed part arrived and we made our first batch in the beautiful outdoors to celebrate Pentecost yesterday. We made it with whole milk (great price at Trader Joe's!), sugar and vanilla. It came out rather milkshakeish but proved to be a delicious first attempt with our "new" machine. The kids all decided it was much more fun than an electronic one with a button to push.


amy said...

The mention of ice cream always brings back sweet childhood memories.

Kristen Laurence said...

That sounds so yummy! What a treat for summertime!