Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dog Magic

If you happen to live in our neighborhood, or drive by it frequently, I'm happy to report that you'll no longer see a crazy lady running around after a medium-size black dog, attempting to coax it back home with a juicy can of dog food (usually trailed by a handful of kids attempting to be o-so-helpful). Many thanks to the kind driver who stopped his car and got out to try to help me a few weeks back. Can't say the same for the driver who squealed his tires while zooming around the stopped car without having any idea what was on the other side (it could have been a child!).

The craziness is over as we invested in one of these and it is SO nice! The dog happily runs around the yard with the kids and no longer darts off for a jaunt around the neighborhood (and pestering the poor Unitarian Universalists congregation nearby). The timing was sort of accidental, but it turned out to be a fabulous mother's day present. John set up the system on Saturday morning and by Sunday, Charlotte was happily enjoying the freedom of being outside without a tie-down or a leash.

My actual Mother's Day present was one of these. I am so looking forward to some night-time reading in bed. :)

One more quick dog story, though some of you have already heard this. We went to Easter Vigil Mass and were preparing for an Easter gathering at our house later in the day. The dog escaped from the house and ran over to the parking lot of the Unitarian Univeralists where she began barking at the attendees, who were just leaving their service. John was trying to coax the dog back, but overheard one of the UU's proclaim to another "That's a Catholic dog!" John was too shocked to ask for an explanation. :)


Anonymous said...

Oy, funny joke, funny.

And it, as you may have expected, made me think of a Chesterton quote:

"I have noticed that if you put a word like God into the same sentence with a word like dog, these abrupt and angular words affect people like pistol-shots. Whether you say that God made the dog or the dog made God does not seem to matter; that is only one of the sterile disputations of the too subtle theologians. But so long as you begin with a long word like evolution the rest will roll harmlessly past; very probably the editor had not read the whole of the title, for it is rather a long title and he was rather a busy man.
[GKC, The Everlasting Man CW2:156]

Hee, hee!

Suzanne Temple said...

Catholic dog? Now that's hilarious!