Sunday, April 15, 2007

Frankly Speaking, according to Gus

He keeps telling me funny or cute things that Frank says and does - he really should be blogging this stuff himself some day. Here are Gus's words:

1st story:
After Mass today, Frank had a children's book about Pope John Paul II. Kate pointed to it and said, "It's a book about Pope Benedict the 14th." Frank said, "No, it's about John Paul the second!"

2nd story:
Frank pulled up the cuff on his sweatpants and saw that it left a mark on his leg. He laughed and said, "Look, fancy legs!"

We're sure there were more too. We'll write them down if we remember them.


Suzanne Temple said...

Fancy legs? The kid kills me.

Christine said...

I just love little boys. They say the cutest things!

Love2Learn Mom said...

Me too, me too!!!