Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Date at the Bookstore

John and I went on a date to Barnes and Noble yesterday. Kind of a dangerous thing to do on a tight-budget paycheck, but we managed to get out of there with just a hot cocoa and a slice of lemon/raspberry cheesecake. Yum!

I made a list of some books I'd like to take another look at some time.

The first that caught my eye was the new series of Sterling Point Books from the Sterling Publishing Company in New York. I heard something about these on Farm School awhile back (here's the exact post), but didn't really put all the pieces together at the time. Now I'm wondering if, with the name "Sterling Point Books" if any of the North Star Books (Sterling North, editor) are part of the plan, or if these are all Landmark books. In any case, it's wonderful to see so many great titles back in print. The one on the Bismarck, by William Shirer, is terrific, by the way. I read that a few years back (in our old edition, obviously).

Here are some others that I haven't read, but seemed worth a second look at least:

Shakespeare by Michael Rosen and Robert Ingpen (Candlewick Press)
Childhood of World Figures: Pope John Paul II
Out of Darkness: The Story of Louis Braille by Russell Freedman (Clarion Books)
Mini Masters (Fine Art Board Books for Little ones - cool!) - Chronicle Books
The Good Fight: How World War II Was Won by Stephen Ambrose (Atheneum)
A Time for Freedom by Lynne Cheney (Simon and Schuster)
Our Supreme Court: A History with 14 Activities by Richard Panchyk (Chicago Review Press)
Henry's Freedom Box by Ellen Levine (Scholastic - I've seen this around the blogosphere too)
The Book of Virtues for Young People (this was of interest to me since it was a lighter book and larger typeface that might be appealing to Gus)
Spark Notes Study Cards (we love flash cards around here)
Wheelock Latin Reader
Pope Benedict XVI: Servant of the Truth by Peter Seewald (I really want one of these!)

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