Sunday, April 15, 2007

Blogs That Make Me Think

Willa very kindly nominated me for a "Thinking Blogger Award". Now I'm supposed to share five blogs (besides Willa's!) that make me think (and thus ones that I would nominate for a thinking blogger award). I have no idea if any or all of these have been previously nominated. At the moment, I don't seem to be able to narrow down my idea of what makes me think - these people/blogs make me think in significantly different ways.

Electroblogster... though he rarely blogs, we talk a LOT. Bits and pieces of our conversations end up on his blog, here, in my reviews, etc. :)

Clairity's Place... My big sister (and godmother) always makes me think. Her blog is no longer being updated, but she and I (and occasionally my mom) do some group blogging at the CIN Blog.

G.K.C.'s Favourite... Even though Dr. Thursday's blogg is also no longer being updated, there's plenty of material I haven't finished reading yet (and you can still enjoy his Thursday posts on the ACS Blogg). He's a great friend and a great mentor - especially in the thinking department - to our family.

Church of the Masses... I don't always agree with her and sometimes I find her a little caustic, but she has provided me with some wonderful insights into human nature and culture.

The Way of the Fathers... Mike Aquilina's is another blog I always wish I could have more time to read.

There are lots more that at least deserve some sort of honorable mention (the danger, of course, is in forgetting someone!)...

Ana Braga-Henebry

Karen Edmisten

Darwin Catholic

Lilting House

Cottage Blessings

Minnesota Mom

The Wine Dark Sea

Classic Catholic

...all the ladies who work with me on Love2learn - especially those who contribute to Unity of Truth, especially Suchi Myjak and Mary Daly

...lots of the TAC alumni listed here - Nutmeg, Suzanne Temple, Kristen Laurence, Cozy Tea-Blue House and Matt Lickona particularly come to mind.

I'm sure there are others too.


Margaret in Minnesota said...

Alicia, I thank you!

I also agree with Kristen; that's a great family photo on your side bar.

Karen E. said...

Thank you, Alicia. I love to come here and think. :-)

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

I don't know how I missed this, Alicia. Thank you-- mine probably is more "eye candy" (as Geoff calls his pretty satellite images) than anything else, because I post pictures and let them tell our stories... With six homeschooled kids at home this year, time is scarce--to think. Yet I love to have the spot reserved .... and one day I will write more. In any event what I wanted to say was-- your blog(s) deserve every fitting blog award!