Thursday, April 26, 2007

Another Thinking Blog Award!

Mary G. very kindly tagged me for a Thinking Blog Award and I just found out that I get to list five more blogs that make me think (besides Mary's - by the way, be sure to check out her post today on their History fair!)! There really are SO many (I'm sure I haven't mentioned all of them in these two posts), so I'll choose five that didn't get mentioned in my last post and that I haven't seen mentioned in other posts yet.


American Chesterton Society Blog

Between Daydreams

Maureen Wittmann

Causa Nostra Laetitiae

And Karen, I do suffer from Meme Paralysis too!


Leticia said...

Thank you, Alicia, I'm truly honored!

Amy said...

Thank you from me too, Alicia! :)