Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Trip to Chicago

We had a wonderful time in Chicago on Saturday, hanging out at the Museum of Science and Industry (though we only had an hour by the time we got there and it was SUPER busy, so enjoyed the free train exhibit), visiting cousin Amy's research center (where Gus had his screening) and enjoying deep dish pizza at Giordano's. (Molly, isn't that where you and Stephen went?)

We accidentally got off the freeway about 20 exits too soon and had a delightful drive through Evanston and along the lakeshore all the way through downtown Chicago on the way to the Museum of Science and Industry. It was funny how much the kids enjoyed this detour! The weather was beautiful (45 degrees and sunny!), the windows were cracked open and they loved the scenery (beautiful buildings - perfect for our Architecture Unit Study) and the view of the lake.

The kids did most of the picture taking, though this accidental one is mine. More photos here.


arlawless said...

Hey Alicia,

Yes! Giordano's is where we got that scrumptious pizza that we took to your house. My parents used to take me to Giordano's quite frequently when we lived in Illinois.

There are many locations, however. The one that Stephen, Em & I went to with our friends is over an hour away from Chicago.

I think it's delicious. Mmm, my mouth is watering as I type! :-)

I'm glad to hear that Gus' screeing went well. So just to be sure, you no longer think he has Asperger's, right?


Love2Learn Mom said...

I thought so. The Giordano's we went to was more in heart of the city - downtown or somewhere nearby.

Right about the Asperger thing. We were already starting to lean in that direction when I first talked to Amy in December, since there's a different specific cause for his motor skills issues.