Friday, March 09, 2007

Completely Random Things

I changed my mind on the Love2learn Festival. In the interest of simplicity, I have a link to read the Love2learn festival under links in the sidebar instead.

I love how I'm reminded of the very kind friend who made a donation to our poinsettia fund for the Christmas Eve Mass at our parish every day when I come downstairs. We brought two of the poinsettias home after Mass and they're still in full bloom.

We decoded one of Frank's "mystery" words today. Apparently "wackario" means something that's noisy, like dinosaurs, "bang-bang" or volcanoes.

When it's 20 degrees and sunny, the roof can be a really nice place to grab some fresh air. (Still too much snow on the deck to enjoy that). Definitely a thaw in the air today, though. The thermometer on the north side of the house read 60 degrees, but I don't believe it really got that high. More like upper 40s.

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