Sunday, January 21, 2007

Saint Agnes (died around 304 AD)

I was just talking to my kids about Saint Agnes yesterday without remembering that today was her feast. When I was little, we didn't have a lot of children's books (not like today at least!) in our home and so the weekly visits to our school library at St. Simon and Jude Elementary School were a real treat for me! I looked forward to that hour and stayed up way too late reading that night. It was in that library, when I was in first grade, that I first fell in love with the saints, through the simple little pictures books published by the Daughters of Saint Paul. I still have the compendium that I purchased when I was about 10 - the older edition of 57 Stories of Saints for Boys and Girls.

Those saints that I first fell in love with were St. Agnes, St. Cecelia (who I took as my confirmation patron years later), St. Sebastian (whose feast was yesterday - the reason why we were discussing the books and the library) and St. Tarcisius.

Anyway, Mike Aquilina has an interesting and informative post about St. Agnes today. Take a peek!

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