Sunday, January 21, 2007

Frankly Speaking IV

I have a few stories to catch up on here as I haven't posted about Frank's delightful means of communication in awhile...

The first one requires a bit of explanation... I've mentioned before that we do a Litany of all of our patron saints as part of bedtime prayers. We usually sing these in English with a Latin response and we all take turns saying each other's patron saints (basically their first and middle name). It's a little tricky to explain since I don't reveal the children's actual names. Usually I start and pick a child at random, singing "Saints ___ and ____" and that person sings back "Orate pro nobis" and intones the next two patron saints. Whoever chooses me sings "Saints Alicia, Michael and Cecelia" (including my confirmation patron) and I answer "Orate pro nobis." etc.

Anyway, on to the story. Frank has gotten very interested in this part of night time prayers. Last night I started out with Frank and he answered very nicely, but, to our great amusement, proceeded to call the shots for the rest of the Litany. One of the girls' middle names is Katherine, but he offered up the rest of the Litany as if everyone's middle name was Katherine. There was plenty of suppressed giggling and smiles, but everyone pretty much lost it when Frank very nicely "prayed" to "Saints Daddy and Katherine."


Also, I love how some of Frank's phrases turn out when he misses some rather important consonants...the translations can be a bit challenging at times.

- While struggling to bring an entire gallon of milk over to me, "I wrong guy!" (strong)

- While admiring his favorite swim shirt (Yes, even in the middle of winter) - "It retzy!" (stretchy)

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