Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

This is a "dust picture" my niece made on the back of one of the cars on their ranch. I was completely blown away by its great beauty in this temporary state. (Of course, Michaela, you must know the story about Michelangelo and his snow sculptures!) What a wonderful depiction of "Angels We Have Heard on High." (Frank, by the way, has really taken to the "Gloria" line from that song and always sings it with us - it's SO delightful!)

I thought this picture was a beautiful reminder (and the medium perhaps has some interesting symbolism!) of the joy that comes to us in Christ and the joy we share with so many others on this beautiful night. Let us pray that others - particularly those who come to Mass just at Christmas may be brought closer to the Christ Child on this great day.

A most joyous and blessed Christmas to all of you!


WRyan said...

How beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

Suzanne Temple said...

Amazing picture. She is very talented.