Thursday, November 09, 2006

One More Thanks for Good Measure

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That the funky little church in our neighborhood was not turned into a massive condominium project called Primrose Glen (I am not making this up) even though it is now run by a funky little church group that advertises services with themes like "Beware of Dogma", "Embracing Absurdity" and "No Creed Required." (I am not making this up).


Dr. Thursday said...

Were they trying to quote GKC? Observe:

If I may venture to remonstrate with an old friend of Fleet Street, whom I admired as a literary critic long before I knew him as a human being, I would beg and implore Mr. James Douglas, of the Sunday Express, to tell us, some time or other, what he means by a dogma. The word is generally used, I think, solely for the sake of its sound. It has a short, ugly sound, like a gruff bark. Indeed, "dogma" is probably confused unconsciously with "mad dog." Or perhaps it is treated as a mixture of a charade and a music-hall song, each syllable corresponding to a verse sung by a red-nosed comedian in patched trousers, the first verse being about the Dog, and the second about Ma. Anyhow, there is always a sort of abusive bathos about the word. Mr. James Douglas never mentions it except to assure us that he possesses none of these mad dogs. He pities his neighbours for being incommoded with these ferocious animals. He regrets to see a placard or notice-board anywhere with the familiar inscription, "Beware of the Dogma." Perhaps he would like to have a man brought up in the police-court for keeping a dangerous dogma, and told that his dogma was only allowed one bite. But I myself, possessing several of these little pets, think that the danger is much exaggerated. In point of fact, I think Mr. Douglas's aversion from these friends of man comes from a complete ignorance of their habits, of how to treat them, or even how to recognise them.

[GKC ILN March 14, 1925 CW33:516-7]

Hee hee.

Dr. Thursday said...

I found an even better quote for you here

Love2Learn Mom said...

Excellent! :)

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Seems like Dr T. can relate anything to C.! :-)
I needed a good laugh, and got one--thanks!
Will most surely do the geo cup!

Dr. Thursday said...

Oh, it's not me. Not at all.

It is just that GKC wrote about nearly everything, and (as Ria has said in more than one place!) there really is no such thing as a different subject.

Sometimes I may be just a wee BIT faster at finding the relevant quotes. Hee hee.