Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Lovely Book Meme

I found this at Big A Little A and I added one of my own questions too.

1. How old were you when you learned to read and who taught you?

I honestly don't remember. I'm pretty sure I learned to read before I started school - I remember cruising through old Dick and Jane type books that were hanging around the house.

2. Did you own any books as a child? If so, what’s the first one that you remember owning? If not, do you recall any of the first titles that you borrowed from the library?

I remember getting a Frances Hodgson Burnett collection as a Christmas present from my sister when I was in middle grade school. Most of our books were family books. I read a lot of books from our Catholic grade school library over my eight years there. In the first grade I fell in love with the Daughters of St. Paul illustrated saint stories.

3. What's your oldest memory of a story?

I have a very faint memory of listening to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe when I was quite small. I think my mom was reading it aloud to my older siblings (who are 9-13 years older than me). I can picture them all sitting around the table. I suspect I was merely playing nearby and that this one part caught my attention. The part I remember is when the mice were knawing the ropes to free Aslan from the Stone Table.

4. What’s the first book that you bought with your own money?

I distinctly remember buying my own set of Narnian Tales. I think there were some earlier, though, because I remember buying some books from the Scholastic flyers at school, but don't recall any of the titles off-hand. Hmmm. I'm pretty sure there was at least one Little House book purchased there.

5. Were you a re-reader as a child? If so, which book did you re-read most often?

Definitely. Little House, Narnia, Little Women, A Little Princess, The Phantom Tollbooth.

6. What’s the first adult book that captured your interest and how old were you when you read it?

Probably Animal Farm which I read in 7th grade.

7. Are there children’s books that you passed by as a child that you have learned to love as an adult? Which ones?

Anne of Green Gables and Farmer Boy

You are officially invited to do this meme. Please comment if you do.


Ria said...

I'm working on it!!!!

WJFR said...

Love2Learn Mom, I tagged you for this on the 19th, not knowing you had already done it : ). I guess I should have known! I found it through a circle -- from your mention of Chesterteen, to Ria's blog, and then back to yours.

Love2Learn Mom said...

How funny! I saw your tag and thought about moving it up and actually asking my mom when I learned to read - but then things got a little busy with Thanksgiving and all. :)