Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All Saints Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful All Saints Day. Our neighborhood does trick-or-treating early (on Sunday) so Halloween itself was a little anticlimactic. All Saints Day was a pretty quiet day for us. John got up early for the 6 a.m. Mass and I took all of the kiddos (including a very grumpy Frank) to Mass at 11. I just got back from the funeral for little Sammy Nosacek. I'd like to share more about him and his amazing family tomorrow. For now I'd like to post this reminder to keep them in your prayers and note again that the Greater Milwaukee Catholic Home Educators are collecting donations for the family through their paypal account (found in the link below - the post titled "Prayer Request") through the end of the day tomorrow.

I will share this one little thing with you, though. The priest knew the family well and told us a bit about Sammy during the homily. One thing that amazed us was how close this little boy was to Jesus. He celebrated his 4th birthday just about a month ago. On his cake, he wanted (insisted, I think is the word Father used) a picture of Jesus on his birthday cake. He gave very specific instructions for what he wanted to have written on the cake:

Jesus + Me 4Ever


Suzanne Temple said...

And now he is, 4ever, with Jesus.

Anonymous said...

This both breaks my heart and lifts it at the same time.