Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Huge Breakthrough in Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Research

via the Curt Jester

"First Liver Grown From Stem Cells Offers Hope for Transplant Patients"

It makes you wonder why all those pushing embryonic stem cell research are ignoring this more ethical alternative. For more on umbilical cord stem cells, click here. I wrote more on this topic awhile back.


Christine said...

Thank you for posting this information. My husband and I have been discussing donating our little one's umbilical cord blood, but we had not taken the time to research it. You have made it easier for us.

Anonymous said...

Sure enough. When I was in Taipei Taiwan in 2003 I saw this ad

Baby Banks

Baby Banks - Umbilical cord cryogenic storage for your new baby. Since umbilical cords are a source of (adult) stem cells you can save your baby's own stem cells. If ADULT stem cell research continues to net results (yes continues!!) then what better source than those from your own umbilical cord? These cells would concievably be a pretty good match for the parents too.

Very prescient on the part of those people.

Anonymous said...

Some folks will be picky about this list because it was - horrors - the Bush administration that developed it. Yet the facts stand no matter who did the list. These facts have the same kind of credibitlity that all medical journals use - Peer review.


Look for yourself - it's amazing!

Alice said...

>t makes you wonder why all those pushing >embryonic stem cell research are ignoring this more >ethical alternative.

It certainly does. I wish we had done this with our children's cord blood.