Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Gus teaches Frank some Geography

Gus (our map guy) got an inflatable beach-ball globe in the mail today as a promotion for National Geographic Magazine which we subscribed him to for his birthday (Warning: This magazine requires some parental supervision, and no, I'm not thinkng of natives in skimpy clothing). He immediately blew up the ball and started playing with Frank. Naturally he wanted to share a little of his geographical knowledge with Frank and proceeded to teach him the names of some of the continents.

Gus [pointing]: That's Europe. Euuurrrope.

Frank: My-Rup?

Gus: [exceedingly large quantities of laughter]

Frank: [sensing something amiss] Oh. Your-Up.

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arlawless said...

That's really cute. Thanks for sharing. :-)

BTW, I just typed in the longest word verification I've ever seen!