Monday, August 28, 2006

Twin Brothers ordained Priests

I thought this was a really nice interview with Fr. James and Fr. Joseph Campbell who were ordained earlier this summer. It's a wonderful thing to know that there are vibrant, faithful priests being ordained in our day.

I will always remember with great affection a pair of old Jesuit priests who were twins - one of them taught Latin to my brother and I and a few other homeschoolers when I was in high school. Coincidentally, about a year after he started teaching us, his brother was assigned to our local parish. They really enjoyed sharing this vocation and told funny stories from their seminary days. Similar names too - the ones I knew were Fr. John and Fr. Joseph Geary.

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Christine said...

Thank you for sharing. It brought back memories of a priest, Fr. Byrne, I used to see each Saturday when I was in college. Fr. Byrne was the chaplain at Agnews Developmental Center (I volunteered at the center). He used to talk about his twin brother who was a missionary priest.