Sunday, August 27, 2006

Test-driving the Schoolroom

originally uploaded by Chez VH.
This summer we turned my big messy office into a small organized schoolroom. ("Turned" isn't really very fair since I'm still in the middle of it - though making a lot of progress.) The doorway has a gate so people (especially little boys under the age of three) can be banished when necessary. We gave the kids a few minutes to check things out (perhaps whet their appetite for the upcoming school year) and it was quite a hit! The Tintin books and new Viewmaster slides (Space, Animals and Geography of all sorts) were really big hits. It's nice to have fun things as part of the learning environment, but it's also a practical matter of keeping these kinds of things away from the dog AND having a controlled area where I can help them work on those habits of putting things away when they're done. We still have another week before we officially get started.

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