Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Tale of Sunscreen and Two-Year-Olds

Even if you're always very careful about locking the car doors because you're afraid the kids will close themselves in there, you might allow your four year old to take the keys to open up the car when you're preparing to go somewhere and your very boyish two-year-old just might sneak in and discover that squirt bottle of baby sunscreen sitting in a little holder in the console and carefully squirt it on every button, knob, handle, lever, mirror and lock that he can find. Every single one. And a few seats too. And some windows. Just maybe.


arlawless said...

Oh no, Frank!! ;-)

2nd grade mom said...

Was he "oiling" them or "cleaning" them? Wow, what a mess!

Love2Learn Mom said...

I have to admit that it's funny now - especially since the CD player was already broken.