Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Toads - Easy Nature Study

Smaug swimming (toad #2)
Smaug swimming (toad #2),
originally uploaded by Chez VH.
We've had several toads come to visit us for a short while now - Blog, Smaug, Bog and then Blog again. This is a picture of Smaug (who is QUITE small) swimming in the kiddie pool. I think they all appreciate being temporarily relocated from their natural habitat since there's no significant water source nearby.

One thing I've noticed is that having all the gardens this year (most of which have little stepping stone paths through them that the kids LOVE) have caused lots of close encounters with nature since the kids like to spend so much time in the gardens (very little of it weeding, of course). So we've really been enjoying the toads, grasshoppers and other critters that went unnoticed before (or perhaps never even showed up - is it just that they like the gardens too?).

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