Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Backyard Nature

originally uploaded by Chez VH.

Today it was a bird that we think fell out of its nest. Bernie found it in the grass (thank goodness no one stepped on him) and at first we thought he might have been attacked by an animal. More likely he was just stunned from the fall.The children were all delighted when, after not finding him where they first discovered him (they had marked the spot so no one would step on him), they found that he was hopping about the yard, enjoying himself immensely.

UPDATE: Ria posted her sketch of Robbie here.

UPDATE #2: The Robbie story had a particularly happy ending The girls coaxed him into an abandoned bird nest we happened to find a few days ago. He contentedly slept in there while they loving carried him around until it was time to find a safe place for him for the night. John managed to afix this same bird nest to a branch of the tree and the mother bird was back and taking care of Robbie within minutes. Hurray!

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