Monday, July 17, 2006

Great great grandparents

Great great grandparents
Great great grandparents,
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I really like this old photo of my great-great grandparents. They're dressed in third-order Carmelite garb. They came to the U.S. from the Portuguese Azores (I'll let you look it up on a map).


Ray from MN said...

What a wonderful photograph!

I've done a lot of family history but only have a few really old photos like that, but none that tell so much about a relative.

How did you know that that that was "Third Order Carmelite" apparel.

Love2Learn Mom said...

It's amazing how well the details came out in the scan compared to the original, which is VERY faded.

My mom remembered that they were third order Carmelites and so we put two and two together. They're my mom's godparents as well.

Cajun Cay said...

What an awesome keepsake!
Thanks for sharing.