Saturday, April 30, 2005

A few thoughts on homeschool years - Fall 1998

The many long hours I spent in conversation with my brother Daniel - both made available and necessitated by homeschooling - were more valuable than I realized at the time. Even our discussions concerning how to make homeschooling better were helping to develop our intellects and our sense of logic.

I think some things were happening during our homeschool years that none of us were aware of. Reading some things about Classical Education are helping me to understand this better. People today are so caught up in what children have learned. I'm starting to understand that a lot of what an education should be doing is exercising and developing the mind.

Mistakes people make because they think school is just about "learning things"...

- No need to study long division since we have calculators
-Avoid learning, reading books, etc. outside of school time and school requirements.

What a shame.

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