Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Facebook for Prayer Warriors

I realized a few months ago, from following a friend whose son has cancer, that are a number of Facebook pages you can follow for children who are fighting cancer. The idea is to keep them in our prayers (we have a prayer list we read aloud each night during bedtime prayers and then say a Memorare for the whole bunch) as well as encourage them in their battle. Naturally, even for those who aren't particularly religious, it can be an opportunity to provide moral support as well as gain some perspective on our own lives. So I've been meaning to share this for awhile. We've found it to be a beautiful family endeavor and of course it's such a happy thing when I can share good news with my family about those we have been praying for.

For example, at my kids' insistence, we've been praying for the policeman injured in the shootout that came after the Boston Marathon Bombing. We also discovered that you can follow his progress on Facebook (where we also learned that he recently got to go home!!!).

Wounded Boston Police Officer Dic Donohue

And here are a few of the kids with cancer that we follow and pray for. Once you follow one, you will find that the various pages will link to each other and you may soon have a long list like us!

Help Jayson Brown

Prayers for Emma

Hope for Holley

Saving Sweet Savannah

Amazing Austin

Bless Our Baby Beth

Brady's Mission

My plan is to make a little chalkboard-paint chalkboard on the wall in the upstairs hallway where we generally say nighttime prayers. Will post pictures when that actually happens. :)

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Alicia VH said...

Sadly little Molly Campbell passed away yesterday. Please pray for her grieving family.