Monday, April 23, 2012

Train Ride Down the Coast

Last month I spent a week in California visiting a friend in Northern California and my daughter in college in Southern California. I flew in to San Francisco, took a train down the coast and then flew home from Los Angeles. I had a lovely visit with everyone and found the train ride to be particularly relaxing and picturesque. It took eight hours to get from San Jose to Santa Barbara and I particularly enjoyed hanging out in the observation car, though I believe this picture was taken from the dining car at lunchtime. This is a horseshoe curve in the Santa Lucia Mountain Range in central California.


Welcome said...

Beautiful picture! Would you recommend "Work Hard. Be Nice." or was it more of the same?

Love2Learn Mom said...

It was a worthwhile read (and inspiring in many ways), but not essential reading. I enjoyed bringing it in for a different perspective on education. I don't think a lot of it applies directly to homeschoolers because a lot of what these schools (in disadvantaged neighborhoods) are making up for is a deficiency in educational support in the home, which doesn't tend to be a deficiency among homeschoolers (and which is also, I believe, why "unschooling" tends to work - because parental support, example and encouragement in education is more critical than what kinds of materials, structure or scheduling you do.)