Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sweet Victory!

Originally posted to Chez VH, February 6, 2011 -

We had a fun little Packers party here tonight - about 20 people in all to watch the Superbowl. The kids made homemade green and yellow decorations (most prominently a huge green and gold paper chain that hung across the room behind the TV). Everyone brought food and goodies.

Frank had the idea to make a bunch of paper airplanes and hand them out to everyone to throw in the air at each touchdown. It was quite a nice touch!

We started the tradition at the Championship Game of handing out sweets at every Packers' touchdown - we call them "victory sweets". Since there were plenty of desserts at our potluck, we handed one out at each touchdown (and one was left to celebrate the end of the game).

We cheered ourselves hoarse and tried to coax the Packers into rallies when things were looking tough - and I guess it worked. :)

One funny thing happened to me. We decided to start cutting up the second dessert in preparation for the next touchdown. I announced this to the crowd and then looked at the TV and realized that the other team had the ball. Oops! But no, right then, we got an interception AND a touchdown. Best "bad" prediction I've ever made. ;)

My husband, a former DJ in college, has a little "game" he likes to play at half-time. He turned off the audio on the TV and piped in music from the computer. We started with a little Gaelic Storm (Beggarman), while the Black-Eyed Peas and their backup dancers were gyrating all over. It was hysterical! Then he switched over to the Bangles' Walk Like an Egyptian, which was somehow exquisitely timed. We laughed ourselves silly.

So if anyone is curious what we had food-wise, here's a partial list:

Chili with fixin's

Hot Buffalo Chicken Dip

Hot Bean Dip

Chips and Veggie Platter with three more kinds of dip

Deviled Eggs

Cheese and Summer Sausage Tray (with crackers)

Homemade pickles

Rice Krispie Treats


Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Apple Crisp

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