Friday, July 01, 2011

The Continuing Adventures of Chicken Bean

Frank has had a story character in his head for many years, called Chicken Bean. I blogged about Chicken Bean back here (when Frank was just four) and Gus blogged (and Frank danced) about Chicken Bean here (when Frank was three!). Just this week, I think it clicked with Frank (who is now 7, for those of you who are struggling with the math!) that he is now capable of *writing* about Chicken Bean. He sat down very patiently for about three hours one morning this week and wrote and wrote and wrote. I think he wrote three pages of the story that day. Here is page one...

Gus helped him record an audio version of the story in the tree house the other day. Frank read the story and had Gus do sound effects and a few special voices. It really is sweet and funny. I'm gonna see if we can find a way of adding the audio to this post. It's also funny to hear Frank read his own writing because he gets a little mixed up on words like "treasure", which he had spelled "chreshr". The spelling is primitive, but I can definitely tell (especially in the audio) that he has picked up a bit about story structure from overhearing so many audio books that are primarily aimed at older siblings.

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