Thursday, May 19, 2011

Petrified Forest and Painted Desert, Arizona

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The Petrified Forest and Painted Desert (two parks for the price of one) was well worth the visit. As directed by the AAA guide, we entered from the south, which took us along another bit of the old Route 66. We duly noted the famous Wigwam Motel and suspected that it was another inspiration for a piece of the Cars movie (it was).

The little walking tour by the visitor's center was amazing. This is one of the more colorful specimens we came across. We also recommend the audio tour on CD that is sold in the gift shop. It included not only scientific information about various points along the way, but also included interesting stories. Well worth the $10.

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Near the visitor center at the Petrified Forest.

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Kate was our most faithful journaler on the trip. She would sit down each night (no matter how late!) and write some of the essential details of the day. She did a little sketching too, which is, I think, what she's up to here. Although she's working on a computer version of the journal (my excuse to get the kids doing more writing) the journal itself is be a priceless keepsake.

The Petrified Forest and Painted Desert also featured the ruins of a pueblo, an historic petrified wood bridge, some badlands, some incredible vistas and some genuine petroglyphs (shown here).

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