Monday, March 01, 2010

"Kathrin and the Goat gos Fishing" by Kate

Wans apon a tim thar was a litle grl namd kathrin and a goat namd jese. Kathrin cold (called) to hr mom "can i go to my frends house to go fishing?" Hr mom said "yes, bring jese with you." "I wil" said kathrin. She got jese and went to hr freds house and got in the cor (car). Jese lookd awt (out) the windo. Thay wr thair. Thay got awt the dor. Jese saw to (two) horns in the gras. It was a wan (one) av (of) hr freds (friends). Kathrin cot (caught) to (two) fish and gaiv them to hr frends and thay went home. Wen thay got home it was nit tim so kathrin went to sleap. Jese shard hr bed with hr frend and thay ol (all) went to slep. The End

(Typed into the computer by Kate, with a little punctuation and capitalization help from Mommy for the benefit of the reader.)

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Angie said...

Adorable! And she's quite the story writer!