Friday, July 03, 2009

7 Quick Takes


One of the problems with being on Twitter and Facebook is that my little tidbits that I want to save and share get slightly discombobulated. And so I was very surprised to discover this morning that I hadn't mentioned here that our whole family went to see UP and really, really enjoyed it (I think we even laughed louder than the other people in the theater - but it was surprisingly uncrowded when we went - and we're a pretty big, loud bunch sometimes!).

I used the movie plans as an incentive to get some things finished up for the school year and we had a really exceptional two weeks of concerted efforts beforehand - which is an entirely fair thing because it does cost a small fortune to bring eight people to a movie!

Yes, UP is as good as everyone's been saying - perhaps even better.


And speaking of kiddos, they're all home now and still sleeping as a matter of fact. Everyone did great at the Schoenstatt Catholic summer camp and even Ria, who was counseling, had an even more enjoyable time than she expected and made many new friends too. (Of course it didn't hurt anyone's feelings that all the girls got to go to a local indoor waterpark that's owned by some fans-of-Schoenstatt.)

I was particularly proud of our 9 year old, Bernie, who can definitely be on the shy side, but made some great new friends rather than just hanging out with her 11 year old sister and 12 year old cousin. There were 60 or so campers all together and they put on a lovely set of skits and songs for the parents last night. The Magnificat they sang as a group at the end (pictured here) was incredible!


John and I started a new exercise routine with a video I picked up on a sort of whim at Target the other day. It's a Jillian Michaels' workout and it's tough! I'm on day five and it's starting to get a little better - especially since I finally found our three pound weights which I swapped for the fivers!


Here's a shot from our favorite patriotic parade:

Funny how all of the kiddos (and not just in our family - but other families nearby) recognize the Hudson Hornet because of the Cars movie.

This is a great parade because it has lots of great content (there must have been eight bands plus a bunch of church choirs and such) without all of the crowds. One of our favorite little traditions (which started, like many great things, by accident) is to make homemade ice cream during the parade and eat it once we start getting really hot. Yum!


We've had three undeveloped rolls of film kicking around f
or an exceptionally large amount of time. Part of the reason for that is before digital we owned two film cameras. John had his SLR, which I thoroughly intimidated me, and after a little haranging, we got an easy-to-use point-and-shoot. The point-and-shoots film got developed pretty regularly (partly because the kids also were allowed to use it and we went through film a lot faster), but the SLR was a little neglected.

Well, this week I discovered that they were between 3 and 7 years old. Yep, I finally got them developed. Here's one of our favorites:

This is a shot of some of the kiddos at Ria and Gus's big Lord of the Rings themed birthday party, circa 2002. Their birthdays are in May and August, but this one year we agreed to combine them for an extra-special party. It was a lot of fun! (And those "magical elven cloaks", made from a roll of upholstery cloth I picked up at
a rummage sale, still show up all over the place!)


I have the next issue of mater et magistra magazine in my possession for proof-reading and it looks good! Don't forget to subscribe to this great little Catholic homeschool magazine if you haven't already. More info here. They now have their own Facebook page here!


I'm pretty excited about a book I received for review yesterday that's due to be published in September. It's called NurtureShock and it's intended to have a big impact on breaking some of society's misguided conventions regarding parenting and education; which looks like an exceptionally good thing - at least from the first couple of chapters I've read so far.

Also, if you've read this article on "The inverse power of praise" (and if you haven't yet, you should), you'll get a little taste, because this article (which debunks conventional thinking about "self-esteem") is written by one of the authors of NurtureShock and the subject matter of the article is part of what's covered in this book.


Anonymous said...

I followed your link on the Lenny Kravitz article and boy it made me teary-eyed. He is an interesting fellow. I found myself praying for him.



Karen E. said...

We loved Up, too. And the book looks fascinating.