Saturday, May 02, 2009

It's Been a Busy Week!

And it's nice to catch up on posting just a bit.

We had a good-sized group take the National Latin Exam at our home back in March and I was finally able to have an awards ceremony a few days ago.

They did really well! I can't take credit as these students are basically teaching themselves Latin, but for the past few months I've been running a twice-monthly Latin "support group" to answer questions, provide a bit of a lending library and do various activities in a group setting.

All of our high school students earned medals, which was very exciting! (This is our 4th year doing NLE and the results tend to vary significantly from year to the next.)

All in all, we had:

Intro: 1 Certificate

Level 1: 1 Magna Cum Laude Certificate, 3 Maxima Cum Laude Silver Medals, 1 Summa Cum Laude Gold Medal

Level 3: 1 Maxima Cum Laude Silver Medal, 1 Summa Cum Laude Gold Medal

Student ages ranged from 5th grade through 11th grade.

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