Friday, May 15, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1. I have a new great-niece who was born earlier this week - Anna Philomena! Can't wait to meet her (and at least see photos soon, I hope!). Congratulations M & M!

2. It's been a major book-buying week, between a fortuitous trip to the local thrift store (that was having a two-for-one deal on adult non-fiction) and a big rummage sale we dropped by that had a huge selection of books. I wonder sometimes, if those who look at my LibraryThing account might think we have a large book-buying budget. The reality is that there are all kinds of books that I can't resist when they're priced at 5 for $1. :)

And please keep in mind that just because I own a book (all of which I try to keep track of on LibraryThing) doesn't mean that I recommend it!

Favorite finds this week include a binder full of fun-looking chemistry reproducible activities (think crossword puzzles and such) and a couple copies of "Crossing the Threshold of Hope" to have around for gifts. Saddest finds were a batch of Catholic (some good and some not-so-good) books all belonging to one person (name left in the books) that seemed to tell a story of confusion and withdrawal from the Catholic Church over time.

3. We got a little sixteen-inch non-motorized lawn-mower for the little areas in our yard that the rider mower just can't handle. As expected, this is a huge hit with the kids. Their new-found creativity in lawn-mowing... um... shows.

4. Regina Doman blogged this week about The Midnight Dancers production that several of my girls were involved in. You can see her post here.

5. I can't believe that Ria is turning 16 next week (as well as receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation). I took her out for her first parking-lot driving lesson a few days ago. She did very well!

6. I listened in on Fr. Mitch Pacwa's webinar today at Homeschool Connections. It was very good! A good friend of mine, Dr. Robert Gotcher, will be offering some high school classes there this summer. Hoping to sign Ria up with at least one (they look really good and she thrives on that sort of thing) as she has very much enjoyed his Catholic Lit class this year. More info available at the Homeschool Connections blog.

7. And on a related note (I might have mentioned this already - I forget.) - I'm scheduled to host a webinar myself at Homeschool Connections on Choosing Educational Materials on Wednesday, June 10th.


Dawn said...

As I was reading, and before you even mentioned it, I knew your kids would love the lawn mower. How great!

Melanie B said...

On the other hand, all the Catholic books from the same person could represent someone, perhaps a non-reader or non-Catholic clearing out bookshelves after a death and merely dumping everything at the thrift store.

Love2Learn Mom said...

Well, it was the nature and location of the rummage sale that added to my surmise about the owner of the Catholic books.