Wednesday, May 06, 2009

100 Species Project - The First Fifteen

We're doing pretty well on the 100 Species Challenge since we started last week over on our gardening blog. Here are our first 15 species identified (plus a 16th we're rather unsure of) with links to the posts the kids wrote on each plant over on the gardening blog.

By the way, the kids did all of the photography, except perhaps the gladiolas from last summer.

1. Ornamental Apricot Tree

2. Tulips - More Pictures Here (I love how the red ones seem to magically appear amongst the yellow a few days after the yellow ones start to open up.)

3. Apple Tree (with beautiful leaf buds just opening up - this tree should be blooming in a few more days)

4. Rhododendron (Or is it an Azalea)

5. Crab Apple Tree (this one should be blooming soon too)

6. Daffodils

7. Rose Bush

8. Gladiolas (This one was kind of cheating. It's definitely not blooming right now, but one team decided to post a picture from last summer.)

9. Wild Pansies

10. Birch Tree

11. Buckthorn (Ugh. We're always trying to get rid of this stuff. It's not native to the area and is super-invasive.)

12. Dandelion

13. Wild Violets

14. Mustard Weeds

15. Phlox

16. Purple Iceplant?

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