Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kids are So Funny!

I think I appreciate the funny things my kids do and say more and more as I get older (and my older kids get older!). Here are a few funnies from our week...

Found on the basement door:
In case it doesn't make sense to you, here it is with some spacing to help you out:

"DOWND OWPIN ZIS DOR" (translated: Don't open this door.)

Kate and Frank love to make presents in the basement and of course don't want anyone peeking.

Yesterday I was reading a bunch of stories to the three littlest, while the three oldest were at a play practice. I don't remember what they were reading, but it reminded Frank about feeling his pulse. He explained that Ria had showed him how you could touch your wrist or your neck and if it pushed on you, it meant your heart was beeping.


Theresa said...

That spelling is wonderful!I love it!

Kristen said...