Friday, March 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1. We've had the flu here all week. Not a stomach flu (thank goodness), just the achy, stuffy, etc. sort of thing. So our week has been filled with movies, audio books, Scrabble games and lots of chicken broth. Ria and I are almost done watching the old BBC 11 episode version of Brideshead Revisited. It's been a great way to chat with her about the book in preparation for a lit class she's involved in.

2. I've finally gotten back to We Look for a Kingdom: The Everyday Lives of Early Christians by Carl Sommer (Ignatius Press). It's fascinating and I read through the first half (+) of it very quickly, but got a little bogged down in the details in the middle. It's picked up again rather nicely and is very interesting. I have a few more pages left in part 2.

3. John and I are still watching Foyle's War here and there (via Netflix) and are now on Season 2 (there are only four episodes per season). It's not as good, not as fresh as the first season. We're finding it quite a bit more predictable, a bit more preachy (and less subtle) and a little more gruesome than the first season. Haven't quite given up on it, though.

4. Last week I splurged on a nice Scrabble game. I'm such a spend thrift when the tax return comes in - I also got a new Stratego game (because Frank loves it and we were missing some pieces from the old one - he beat me for the first time yesterday!) and a bunch of skirt hangers. Woohoo. Our old copy of Scrabble was a rummage sale find with lots of pieces missing. This is a deluxe edition with delineated spots for each piece - very nice for playing with kids! I've since discovered that open-dictionary Scrabble with kids, though it can be a somewhat tedious process (even though we have LOTS of dictionaries around here!) is an excellent educational exercise. And they love it! They've made plans for a special names-and-places-only game today. Not bad for a sick week.

5. Though we got a lot of maple sap over the weekend and earlier in the week, things have since gotten much colder and everything's frozen up again. (It's been between 10 and 20 degrees during the day). Looking forward to warmer weather - soon I hope!

6. I've decided that there are simply too many things going on in March. Remind me to sign up for less of them next year! :)

7. Prayer Requests: Please pray for all the unemployed. We learned about quite a handful of newly unemployed dads within our circle of friends this week. Also, please pray for a teen boy in our homeschool group who was just diagnosed with cancer. Apparently his prognosis is good, but he's still got some rough days ahead.

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