Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Decorating the Tree

DSC_1400, originally uploaded by Chez VH.

We've been working on the tree on and off since Sunday night and it's just about done. The kids love to help!

Remind me next year to not get a long-needled Christmas tree. You need gloves to work on anything but the outer-most ornaments - the needles are REALLY sharp!


Kristen said...

If I remember, I'll remind you! :)

Do you mind revealing what kind of camera you have? Along with your indoor tree shots, I love the photo in your previous post of the tree shadows at night. My camera would never take that picture!

Love2Learn Mom said...

Thanks! :)

Not at all. It's a Nikon D40. We splurged on it (it was the first digital camera we've ever bought - all our previous ones were hand-me-downs) when that stimulus check came out in May.

As I understand it, it's one of the least expensive cameras that has the larger aperture (that allows more light in and thus handles low-light/indoor shots better than your average camera).

Theresa said...

If you really like long-needled trees, you can get a white pine. The needles are very soft.
The D40 is a pretty sweet camera, isn't it? My dh uses it to take the cool northern lights pics I put on my blog.

Love2Learn Mom said...

Thanks Theresa! Yes, the D40 is a sweet camera. SO easy to use and so... flexible.

Since we got the camera I've become an unofficial photographer for our homeschool group because it handles indoor activities so well and digital makes the pictures so easy to share with a group.