Saturday, November 15, 2008

Helping Those in Need

Here are a couple of great projects to check out - and some simple ways to help out some beautiful families who could use a little extra support right now.

Elizabeth Foss is organizing some help for the Curtis Family (a large family of recent converts whose dad is temporarily unable to work):
I know there's more though. I know that someone out there in blogville can box up St. Nicholas day for Barbara's children. Someone else is already thinking about how Catholics decorate for advent and Christmas. And someone else is going to understand the practical needs of a large family when dad is sidelined with a longterm disability. We're talking about mailing Costco cards or Target cards or Walmart cards--those stores are local. And if Barbara needs someone to help her shop with the cards, we've got some local ladies ready to do that, too.
Read more and see what you can do to help by clicking here.

Also, Margot Davidson of Hillside Education is starting a special "bake sale" corner to help support a particular family each month:
This month, (from now until Christmas) the proceeds go to help the Quigley family in Lancaster, PA who have 2 children recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (see picture above). Because of a mistake in processing their claim and bureaucratic red tape to correct the problem, the insurance company will not be covering the insulin needed by the children for at least a month. The family is unable to cover the cost of the insulin, yet it is essential to keeping the children alive.

Please consider purchasing an item from this page, perhaps as a Christmas gift, and help this family in need. Items will be added daily, so keep checking back. You may also simply make a donation. If you'd like to donate something to the sale, we'd welcome your contributions. Please contact us at
Check out the "bake sale" items and read about this month's family by clicking here and clicking through to the "Helping Those in Need" page.

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