Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The kids put on their first performance of Jane Austen's Emma tonight. It was fantastic!

Here's Gus as Mr. Wodehouse!


Faith said...

How fun! Was this just a family thing or did you work with a larger group. Gus looks like an excellent Mr. Wodehouse. I do hope he didn't take a chill or eat too much cake! (or whatever it was that Mr. Wodehouse was always worrying about. Haven't read it in a while!).

Charlotte (Matilda) said...

He looks amazing! I hope you share more snapshots or videos of the production. This former drama major is "jonesing" for a production fix!

Love2Learn Mom said...

LOL, Faith! He did get a lot of laughs in the play with those lines! :)

There were six or seven families involved in the group, which was organized by several homeschool teens in our local vicinity.

Thanks Charlotte! I was amazed at how well the face pencils worked out. I suspect that the flash from the camera lit them up as well. I'm not sure they were quite this "brilliant" in real life. :)