Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Ignatius Press Meme

I couldn't resist this meme. Just to be fair, I'm not including the Bethlehem Books titles, which Ignatius Press co-publishes.

1. What was the first Ignatius Press book that you read? Hard to say. Probably A Map of Life (read it in high school), but it wasn't published by Ignatius Press until later. Does that count? :)

2. The most recent Ignatius Press book that you read? The Legacy of John Paul II: Images and Memories by Cardinal Ratzinger

3. What are your favorite Ignatius Press books?

Too many to name, but I should especially mention Cardinal Ratzinger, G.K. Chesterton and Fr. Schall.

4. What is your least favorite Ignatius Press book? Probably Hell and other Destinations, though I did like parts of it.

5. How many Ignatius Press books have you read? About 40, I think - a good chunk of these are from the Vision series. Probably at least twice that many that I've dipped into (chapters here and there as needed or even read half and felt done with it for the time being and/or are currently reading). Do you own? According to LibraryThing, 168. (I'm a big fan of the Ignatius Press sales and online clearance section.)

6. What book do you wish Ignatius Press would publish? An audio Old Testament (I think they presently only offer the New Testament).

7. What are the next Ignatius Press books you plan to read? The book on St. Philip Neri I recently purchased from their big summer sale.

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