Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic Connections

We love watching the Olympics, but we do try to keep the viewing time reasonable so that we don't have cranky kids who haven't gotten enough sleep. We've set up a deal with the kids that they can stay up late (until 10 pm) for only a certain number of nights (which varies according to age - it's a good thing to have privileges for those who are older and have more responsibilities). We also have some little bonuses that they can earn on top of that (up to an extra half hour each night).

Tonight was the first night of our plan (though we did something similar four years ago). Eight-year-old Bernie decided to stay up because she loves watching the swimming. It's a good thing she earned that extra half-hour too, because she really wanted to see Michael Phelps swim, and it was going to be half hour past her allotted late night time.

She wasn't disappointed.

She just went to bed with a huge smile on her face after enjoying the U.S. surprise victory in the men's 4 x 100 freestyle relay. Wooooohoooo!!!!

I think I'm gonna really enjoy having this special time with one or two kids at a shot.


Michele from NH said...

You probably know this but Garett Webber-Gale the swimmer that did the 2nd part of the 400m relay is a Wisconsin boy too -- Nicolet HS graduate.

Thanks for your interesting blog!

Love2Learn Mom said...

No, I actually didn't know. Thanks for speaking up! :)