Sunday, August 24, 2008

Liturgy of the Hours Bleg

Does anyone know where I could find the Liturgy of the Hours on audio (for a blind relative)?


Jennifer said...

I'm going to our Catholic bookstore today, which is quite good - I'll check there for you. "Bleg" - hee.

Love2Learn Mom said...


Melanie B said...

My parents had a Catholic bookstore for years and I never have seen one. But if you do find it, I'd love to know.

Pawel said...

It would be rather hard to have a whole, usable Liturgy of the Hours in audio, because of how its texts change in different cycles.

That said, you can find each day's LoTH in the Monastery Podcast and on the Praystation Portable.

There is also the Vatican Radio, where morning, evening and night prayers from the LoTH can be downloaded (chanted in Latin, most of the time).