Sunday, July 27, 2008

This 'n' That

I love this picture that my brother-in-law took of the Irish dancing grandchildren (including three of my girls along with two of their cousins in this shot) providing some entertainment at my in-laws' 50th anniversary celebration last week.
I may get back to regular blogging one of these days, or perhaps not, you never know. :) We're all well, though, but still enjoying the company of cousins in town for just a few more days.
Our summer is starting to (thankfully!) slow down and I'm beginning to mull over organizational and school plans for the coming year. I'm just starting to mess around with Toodledo (which I heard about from the Bookworm) and it looks really good so far!
In the meantime, my brother-in-law, who runs the Catholic Textbook Project, asks for prayers that they can get the funding they need to publish the remaining books of the history series, which are written and basically ready to go.

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Mary Ellen Barrett said...

I love the picture as well. You should blow it up and frame it. I have step dancing girls as well. It's a wonderful thing for them to be involved in.

I hope your in-laws had a lovely party.