Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Touching Coincidence

We had recitals yesterday at our last co-op meeting of the year. We're not generally good at planning far ahead, so I asked my kids what they wanted to do for the recital. Ria immediately offered that she could recite that Civil War letter (somehow I knew what she meant) because she had heard it so many times that she knew it by heart.

We went to co-op and were dumbfounded to hear four violinists practicing in the other room just before recitals. They were practicing the Ashoken Farewell - a song made famous to many because of Ken Burns' Civil War Series (and one which was actually played along with this letter in the series).

Anyway, they pulled off an impromptu combination music and recitation piece (and these violinists are REALLY good!) and there were few dry eyes in the room. I don't have a recording of that, but here's YouTube with the audio bit from the Civil War Series.


Theresa said...

That is truly an amazing coincidence! I'll bet it was wonderful.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

It doesn't take much to reignite my interest in Civil War history. I daresay you and Ria have gone & done it!