Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blue and White

Blue Vase and Statue, originally uploaded by Chez VH.

Now that I'm thinking about blue and white, I took some photos here of my odd collection. Anyone else out there collect blue and white?


Christine said...

A couple of my sisters do, but I don't think that I have any photos. :(

Maryan said...

I do! But I don't have as lovely a collection as yours! I have a couple Spode pieces and some blue and white Roosters plates. One of my sisters gets me some blue and white plates each year. I hang them on the walls in my yellow kitchen. I think blue and white is just so cheerful.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I don't collect blue & white, though I do have a lovely figurine of Mary with her arms folded over her chest like yours. I love it. It is for me the perfect image of her life of prayer and humble submission.