Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Madrigals Concert

Madrigals Concert
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OK, I'm actually attempting to participate in the lovely April Shower of Photos thing (I hardly ever actually manage to do these sorts of things, so I thought I'd put in a few days' worth before officially committing myself to it). I'm really enjoying the other photos.

Even though I'm hoping a lot of our photos will be from the out-of-doors, I thought the bright colors here worked out pretty well. :)

This is a picture of Ria and friends at her Madrigals' Concert from a few nights ago. This is a 10 week program at a local music school of ancient music (both sung and played on the recorder) in a variety of ancient languages. Ria informs me that more than half of the music was sacred music, including a chant piece from the 6th century (Crux Fidelis).

It was lovely! Ria's the one in the teal dress, playing her tenor recorder.

By the way, I'm not exactly sure why the class is commonly referred to as "Madrigals".


Kimberlee said...

Beautiful photo and Ria looks stunning! What a lovely dress she is wearing. Wish we could hear the music!

Karen E. said...

How fun, and it's a beautiful photo! The dress alone might convince my girls that it's worth taking up an instrument. :-)

Love2Learn Mom said...


One of the many things I love about this teacher is that she has a rather large set of dresses that *she* alters each time for the girls in the group. No costume expenses - yippee!

Kristen L. said...

Beautiful! They look like jewels! I would love to hear that Crux Fidelis.

Alice Gunther said...

Ria is beautiful.

I wish this shot came with audio.