Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!


Matilda said...

Happy Easter! Hope you are all well and warm! I love the new banner by the way!!

"bvvbkusu" is just too much to ask a person to type who is hopped up on chocolate and sugar. Don't these people know it's Easter Sunday?

Love2Learn Mom said...

Oh my gosh, Matilda, that is SO funny!

It's really nicer here today than I expected. Snow has been put off until tonight, and it's 40 and sunny at the moment! Woooohoooo! :)

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Do you not just love Handel's Messiah? The choir sang this after Mass this morning--it was just beautiful.

Happy Easter, Honey!

PS. I have no idea what Matilda's talking about. Chocolate? Sugar? Where's her resolve?!

The Bookworm said...

I enjoyed that :). I have just enough voice hanging in despite a chesty-throaty thing to sing along with the alto line.

Happy Easter!

(And as I am still capable of typing "pspnwm" after lots of chocolate, I think I had better go and pour myself a nice glass of wine. Medicinal.)