Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ballad of the White Horse - Links

This is for our Literature discussion in April (additional suggestions welcome - especially since Ria lost our Ignatius Press copy with all the wonderful notes):

Here are a few extras for this reading:

The poem is available online here.

Dale Ahlquist has a lecture on the Ballad of the White Horse here.

Free Audio Recordings Here

It might be helpful to read about King Alfred the Great in an encyclopedia or something besides the poem to get an overall sense of the story. This looks helpful, but I haven't finished reading it.

The children's story "King Alfred and the Cakes" is about this same king. You can look it up in the Book of Virtues or elsewhere.

Finally, here's a little about the Uffington White Horse...


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The Bookworm said...

A couple more ideas ...

Look at the Alfred Jewel

Read the Life of Alfred written by Asser, one of King Alfred's bishops