Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why I Love My Kids (Reason #98689749)

I brought Kate to the dentist today to get an infected tooth pulled. Not fun, but she was a real trooper (of course the TV glasses with the Disney channel playing didn't hurt a bit!). The most agonizing part, apparently, was choosing a little toy from the toy drawer afterwards. She hemmed and hawed for a good five minutes (while carefully holding a papertowel to her mouth to not drip saliva into the drawer). The selection was amazing - there was a little alien parachuter, bracelets and toy rings and lots of cute girly stuff like mini-stamper pens.

So I had to laugh when she finally and very confidentally reached down and picked up a little toy snake!

When we got home (she doesn't tend to talk at the dentist office - it's often hard to even identify the nod of the head indicating a yes) she explained that next time she would get a dinosaur for her little brother Frank (Frank's favorite dinosaur was just demolished by the dog yesterday). Apparently she chose the snake so she and Frank could play with it together in the bathtub. :)

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Diane said...

What a sweet, sweet little girl.

And my 7yo can never decide either when it comes to that box of little treasures. Just like her mama, I suppose. :)