Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Good Lenten Reading

I just finished Our Sunday Visitor's new title Saints of Asia and is it ever interesting! Even with some occasionally disorganized writing, it's a quick and engaging read filled with inspiring stories of saints and martyrs and lots of interesting tidbits regarding the Church in Asia (which I knew next to nothing about).

Turns out to be a timely read too as I just watched the Xavier movie on Sunday. Actually, that's what inspired me to pick up this book which I plugged through in just a few days. We're still pretty much snow-bound and sick-bound which allows for a bit more reading time than usual.

Now perhaps this will help me dive into that Christians in China book from Ignatius Press that both intrigues and intimidates me. :)

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clairity said...

Christians in China is on my short reading list too! I need to read Jesus of Nazareth first.